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"Many thanks to Window Blinds Select for helping us find such an amazing price for our redecoration project. They blinds look fantastic and really made our project complete without breaking the bank."
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"I just received my order for all new wooden blinds for my living room and kitchen. They fit like a charm, your customization was great! They really bring the style I wanted to the living area, it's got a great feel now. Thanks a lot."
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Vertical Window Blinds

Vertical window shades and blinds are the perfect choice for patio doors and wide windows, giving the streamlined lines of heavy drapes, but with the ease and lighting control of standard blinds! All of our vertical blinds for windows and doors are durable and long lasting and engineered for years of easy operation and control. Standard vertical window coverings are a very popular option for sliding doors, patio doors, and larger windows. Because of their easy maintenance and operation, vertical blinds are also a popular choice for office environments as well.

Our vertical window shades and blinds are available in a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns, all at a phenomenal price. Shades and blinds are an important element in the home environment and can tie your whole decor together, so we understand that having the "right" look is important. That's we work hard to bring customers like you the best selection and price for all our vertical window blinds. Window Blinds Select is proud to be your partner in home decorating, offering form, function, and reasonable prices. No matter the size of the door or window blinds vertical-style are such a breeze to install and you'll be able to enjoy them in no time.

With over 275 options for color and texture, our premium vertical blinds selection simply cannot be beat! Check out our discount vertical blinds to really help you save and get exactly what you want.

Vertical Blinds: Types & Styles

Smooth/Ribbed Curve Vertical Blinds

Ideal for residential home use or for commercial office use, these vertical blinds offer either a smooth or ribbed finish on the elegant curve of the blind. This style is durable and easy to clean and provides smooth, easy control over lighting adjustments. Available in multiple colors. Can be customized to meet a variety of window or door measurements and specifications.

Fabric Vertical Blinds

An extremely popular alternative to drapery, fabric vertical blinds add an element of elegance to any room equal to that of expensive drapery. Fabric vertical blinds are a good choice to reduce sunlight and glare and are highly recommended for use in sitting rooms and dining rooms. The fabric material allows natural light to gently filter through, creating a natural and comfortable lighting in a room. Can be customized to meet a variety of window or door measurements and specifications.

Vinyl Vertical Blinds

Vinyl vertical blinds are the perfect combination of form and function, cutting neat, clean lines in your room, while providing you with easy lighting control. Vinyl blinds are extremely durable and can easily be cleaned. Great for any larger sized windows and sliding glass doors.

S-Shaped Curve Vertical Blinds

Achieve a unique, modern look with these stunning fluid s-curves in your vertical blinds. Their special shape creates an illusion of a wave, even when the blinds are lying still. Choose from a variety of natural colors to add just the right look to your home or office. Can be customized to meet a variety of window or door measurements and specifications.

Faux Wood Vertical Blinds

Our faux wood vertical blinds are a great alternative to real wood slats because of their long lasting durability. Unlike real wood, faux wood blinds won't warp or fade over time, they are durable, attractive, and easy to clean and maintain. We can customize faux wood style to match grains in furniture or floors, or to match any color scheme in a room. Size can easily be customized to any door or window.

Assorted Valances

All vertical blinds come standard with a matching valance. If you're looking for a special piece to tie the whole room together, why not customize your valance to make it a part of your decor? Get a real finished look when you add a little pizazz to your window vertical blinds!

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